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5 Things to Know BEFORE Getting Marley Hair Crochet Braids!

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5 Things to Know BEFORE Getting Marley Hair Crochet Braids!

5 Things to Know BEFORE Getting Marley Hair Crochet Braids!


Crochet braids seem to be one of the most popular protective styling options for women, especially naturals. As the name implies, crochet braids are hair extensions, or braids, that are woven into your hair that has been braided into cornrows. A latch hook tool is typically used to install the hair however, many ladies have successfully installed crochet braids by using a bobby pin or even a safety pin (although we don’t recommend the safety pin method). The hairstyle became popular in the late 90s and has since returned to the forefront as the natural hair community adopted the technique as an excellent option for protective styling.


In the featured video, YouTube personality Fressh_ress is shown wearing a crochet braid style done with Marley hair, a common texture that has been used in the natural hair community for various weave and extension styles. She talks about her experience with her crochet braid install, what she has learned from the experience and what she would have done differently.


  1. The Brand of Hair

Determining which brand of hair to use for a crochet braid install is important. Not all brands were created equal and some are a lot harder to work with than others or become extremely tangled. Do your research before deciding on which brand of Marley hair to use, go online find reviews if available to see what others are saying about the quality of the hair. You will want to pick out a brand of hair that is soft to the touch, flexible and easy to manage when both installing and removing the hair.


  1. Luster & Sheen

When selecting the type of hair you want to use for your new crochet braid style, try to make sure that the level of sheen and luster closely matches that of your natural hair. If you are deciding to leave some of the hair out, this is an important step in ensuring that it’s less noticeable that the hair you’re wearing isn’t actually your own. Some choose to cut the hair in half before installing but be sure that you know what length that you want your crochet style to be, otherwise you’ll end up wasting hair and money.


  1. Shedding

Crochet hair is a loose type of hair that does not come attached to a weft nor is it bonded in any way. It is free flowing braiding hair, and it will shed over time. You may find that the hair sheds significantly, however, Marley hair is both full and coarse, so even with a notable amount of shedding, the hair loss will not be noticeable and it will not lose its shape.


  1. Pre Curl Hair before Installing

Pre-curling the crochet hair before installing will definitely cut down the amount of time spent on installing and styling the hair. Marley hair needs to be detangled prior to curling with rollers, in addition to being dipped in very hot water to lock in the curl. Detangling, curling, and dipping the crochet hair is best when done before installing to your natural hair. This will eliminate unnecessary tension on your natural hair in addition to eliminating the risk of being burned when trying to dip the hair in boiling hot water while atop your head. If you must install the hair prior to styling, you may want to keep them as far away from your scalp as possible to avoid steam burn.


  1. The Bigger the Hair, the Harder they Stare

Big hair attracts attention, so be prepared for the stares and curious gazes you may receive with your new crochet install. YouTuber Fressh_ress states that people may even walk up to you and inquire about your new do, especially those who are frequently associated with you. Some may even go as far as asking to touch it. Be prepared for whatever type of attention you receive and know that when big hair enters a room it is sure to turn heads

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