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Alicia Igess Healthy Hair Stylists BuckHead GA

alicia igess atlanta


Alicia Igess Healthy Hair Stylists BuckHead GA


What is your education and experience?

Alicia Igess Healthy Hair Stylists BuckheadI have a Bachelors Degree from Tennessee State University however, I have a cosmetology license in the State of Georgia and Tennessee.

What is the name and location of your salon?
The name of the salon where I work magic is Salon Saison. It is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.

What is your philosophy about healthy hair?
My philosophy about healthy hair is: Anyone can achieve healthy hair if you commit to the process. It’s my utmost priority. If you take the necessary actions to take care of your hair, it will grow — so love and treat your hair right!

Why do you consider yourself a healthy hair stylist?
It’s not a matter of consideration, I am one of the leading experts on healthy hair care in the Southeast. The proof is in the pudding! My clients’ hair performance thrives and the results serve as the evidence.

What particular techniques/styles do you specialize in?
I specialize in choosing the best technique and styles for your hair texture and type, as well as, the best style for the shape of your head and face.

Do you specialize in natural hair care?

Most definitely! I love natural hair care and specialize in natural hair care and styling.
Do you offer any hair care classes or workshops?

Yes. I offer both classes and workshops that focus on hair care (specifically natural hair care) in an individual and/or group setting.


What advice would you give to stylists wanting to specialize in healthy hair care?
I always advise other stylists to invest in their craft, which includes taking the time to learn chemistry and how it impacts the hair and our industry. Most importantly, invest in the best tools and products. Cheap products deliver deliver cheap.

What days do you have available appointments?

I have salon appointments available Thursday through Saturday by appointment only. I freelance as well.

Do you offer any other services?
My specialty (and Love) is color and cut! I service all types of client.

What inspires you as a healthy hair stylist?
I am inspired by the direct results I achieve from implementing healthy hair care on my clients. I love seeing clients realize their healthy hair potential.

What is your contact information? (website or email)

alicia igess atlanta

 Is there anything else that potential clients should know about you?
I am very serious about my craft. My seriousness of purposes and results oriented drive guide me everyday. However, without a real commitment from my client, I can’t work my magic.

What product do you use?
My own line of products — Urban Tangles — and professional hair care products that are only available to licensed Cosmetologists. While the professional products are traditionally not easy for non-stylists to purchase, my Urban Tangles line of products are for sale and deliver excellent results.

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