How to make money selling virgin hair

Making Money with a Home-Based Virgin Hair Company



virgin hair moneyThe industry of supplying and selling hair extensions to the masses garnishes more than $10 billion dollars a year.  That is an astronomical number, however, many people are turning to this industry to start up both storefront and home-based businesses.  Most quality hair extensions are obtained from sources overseas like India and China.  Buying and reselling bundles of hair is just scratching the surface of the business.  This is definitely not a business venture in which you should walk blindly.

Due to the ever growing popularity of this industry, the market has become oversaturated with distributors all over the planet.  Those starting out in this industry must take special care in choosing the right vendor.  Educating yourself is the key.

Traditionally, people interested in starting a Virgin Hair business would have to have at least $500k in capital.  This would cover things like research to find out the best origins to buy virgin hair, travel (in addition to ground transportation and lodging) to foreign countries to seek out manufacturers, hire a guide and/or translator, take a crash course in international trade and commerce, and interviewing potential manufacturers.  Going directly to the source will give you the opportunity to outbid competing distributors and foster new business relationships. All of this “leg work” to ensure the quality of your product and to protect your investment.  This route is very costly, however, it produces very lucrative returns.

On the other side of the coin, most that desire to start a virgin hair company do not have access to the capital, so finding a wholesaler or vendor that will do the “leg work” (i.e. traveling) may be the only option. Starting a home-based business selling virgin hair has great potential to make you independently wealthy, but you have to do your homework.  The capital you will need to start your business will simply depend on your expectations.

This is not an option to look down upon.  Many people are taking advantage and making money through companies that supply you with the platform to sell virgin hair with little capital to no capital at all.

Below are some of the most popular home-based virgin hair business platforms out there.  I have listed the pros and cons of each company, but it is totally up to you to decide which company best fits your needs and expectations.


Micoré International


* Registered Retail Customers earn 25% Retail Profit on all sales to Retail Customers.

* Consultants earn a 25% Retail Profit and also receive a 25% discount.

* Consultants are set up with a personalized website that includes features such as mobile app and shopping cart.

* B.I.P. Consultants is an option for salon owners, store owners, and licensed stylist who receives a 30% – 40% discount as well as earn a 30% – 40% when they make sales through their website.

* You have the potential to earn residual income.

* Micoré offers both consultants and retail customers to put hair on layaway with the Micoré Bucks System.


* New Consultants pay a monthly $79.95 fee to sell Micoré products, build a team of Consultants and Brokers, and participate in the MLM Compensation Plan.

* B.I.P. Consultants pay a monthly $79.95 fee.


House of Beautiful Hair


* No inventory is required.

* Creating a customer account is free and you receive discounts on hair.

* It’s only $9.96 per month for a Customer Associate account.

* The $9.95 monthly fee includes website maintenance.

* Offer a plan in which you can move up through the ranks and improve earning potential. (Silver, Gold, and Platinum Statuses)

* Commission is paid 15 days after purchase date.

* They handle all shipping and logistics.



* In order to be approved for a Customer Associate account, you must consent to a automatic payments to pay your monthly fee.

* As a Customer Associate, you only earn 20% from all direct sales.

* Customer Reps, earn 20% of all direct sales and up to 13% in generational sales.

Is That Your Hair? (ITY Hair)


* It is free to sign up.  Your membership includes:  Online Store, Blog, Referral Program, and your can use your own URL.

* You can upgrade for merely $9.99 a month for Ruby Status or $19.00 a month for Diamond Status.

* No inventory.

* You keep 100% of your profits!

* When a sale is made, you are paid instantly through PayPal

* Virtual Store comes pre-stocked with Lace Closures and Virgin Hair Extensions (10” – 30” in length).

* Shipping is free for your customers (worldwide).

* They handle shipping and logistics.

* Offers a Referral Program, where you make 10% of every sale your referred store owner makes.

* Flexible creative marketing perks such as creating coupons, create your own logo, and use your own URL.

* Further allows you to add social media icons and your own blog.

* Upgraded members can sell their own products alongside ITY’s inventory.


After extensive research, I could not find one bad thing about this company.




* No out-of pocket fees.  It’s free to sign-up.

* Upon signing-up, you receive a free online store.

* You are paid weekly.

* They offer a 30-Day Guarantee on all hair products.

* Free Priority Shipping on all orders.


* For salon owners and stylist only.

* Found several complaints on the Better Business Bureau Website pertaining to:  customer service, problems with products, and advertising issues.  Always do your research.


Luxury Hair Direct


* Minimal Initial investment: $4.99 to signup and a $4.99 monthly fee to maintain website.

* No inventory or overhead required.

* Handle all shipping and logistics.

* All orders arrive within 3 days.

* No need for customer service skills, they handle all questions and returns.

* Offer custom designed business cards and other marketing tools.

* Provides sales sheets.


* Website loads extremely slow.

* You only earn 15% on all retail sales and 5% of all 1st line of distributors and 2% on your second line.


Mane Elementz’s

mane elementz


* Offer 30-Day Assurance Program.

* No inventory required.

* All bundles have hair cuticle intact without shedding or tangling.


* Joining can be costly.  Prices range from $199 to $599 plus a monthly fee of $19.99.

* No refunds or cancellations.

* No free shipping fees.  Fees can range from $10 – $28.



There are many other companies out there that are geared towards helping individuals start their very own home-based virgin hair business.  As with every business endeavor, conducting your own research is most important.  Gauge how much time and effort you are willing to put into your business.  The more time and effort you put into your business the more profit you can expect to earn. This cannot be stressed enough.  Knowing what to expect in relation to profit and returns will help you decide the best route to take when starting you own Virgin Hair business.  It is also a good idea to read reviews from past and current business owners.  The BBB (Better Business Bureau) will sometimes have in-depth reports on such companies and can provide valuable information to prospects.  Be discerning when reading the reviews as some may just be those who did not put forth the effort needed to make their opportunity profitable for them.   YouTube is a great source of video reviews by those who have started their own home-based virgin hair companies.  Educate, compare, and  decide…financial freedom just may be a click away!