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Inversion Method and Natural Hair

Natural hair

Inversion Method and Natural Hair

Inversion Method and Natural Hair


The inversion method is a technique that is said to grow hair up to 1-inch in approximately seven days. The way the technique works is by massaging warm oils into the scalp every night with your head completely overturned for 4 minutes.  After one week of doing this method, your hair is supposed to have grown at least an inch.

Although there are many skeptics who do not believe that the inversion method could actually work, there are hundreds of women who beg to differ. Popular hair and beauty YouTuber, MaryamJHampton was once a huge skeptic of the inversion method but later decided to try the technique herself. When first attempting the inversion method, she found that after 7 days she had actually achieved one inch of hair growth. Hampton tried the method two additional times and grew an entire length each time.


Hampton attributes the hair growth to the change in blood flow when having your hair completely turned upside down and massaging the scalp. Scalp stimulation has been a method used to promote hair growth for centuries due to the increase of blood that flows when the scalp is being massaged.


The only tools Hampton used for this method were 2 ounces of her favorite oil, a plastic pour bottle, and a timer. You can place the bottle of oil in hot water for several minutes until the oil is warm to the touch. It is not recommended that you put the oil in the microwave or in boiling water- doing so could diminish the healing properties and benefits of the oil. The technique should be done for the entire 7 days for maximum results.


Hampton also mentions that when explaining the inversion method to others, most people consider it to be an extreme and unnecessary method for achieving hair growth. “It’s kinda scary if you don’t know what you’re doing,” says Hampton. For some, the feeling of holding your head completely downward for a total of four minutes causes concern. There are warnings that come with the method however, and it is not recommended that you try this method if you become dizzy easily or have issues with balance.


Women who have experienced any of the following conditions should not attempt the inversion method: pregnancy, low or high blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma, detached retina, recent stroke, migraines, brain injuries, vertigo, spinal injuries, ear infection, osteoporosis, neck injuries, or any health issues that could be compromised by attempting this technique.


Overall, the inversion method may not be for everyone. While some shy away from it, others embrace it and have sworn by the results they have achieved. The key to the inversion technique is consistency and to complete it for exactly 7 days. You just may be surprised at your results.

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