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Urban Flower Art…An Interview with Artist Candice Higgins

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Urban Flower Art…An Interview with Artist Candice Higgins

It homegirl urban flower artwas our pleasure to sit down with the rising natural hair art star, Candice Higgins from Urban Flower Art. She’s taking off with her dynamic artwork as she reveals her artistic abilities and amazing talent in the natural hair art world!

BHP: Tell us about how you got started with your art.

Candice: I’ve been drawing and painting since I was about 7 years old but I truly fell in love with art during my first visit to The Met in New York City when I was 10 years old. From that point forward, all I ever wanted for Christmas and birthdays was brushes, paint and easels. Fortunately, my mom supported my love of art and she always came through with supplies. In fact, she bought me art supplies for Christmas this year. That never gets old.


BHP: What inspires you the most in your artwork?

Candice: I obviously have an affinity for big natural hair and feminine themes  so that continuously surfaces in my work. I am also inspired by the creative and performing arts be it dance, music, theatre or fashion. More often than not, I also tend to keep my subject matter on the light-hearted side. I feel like there is enough that weighs us down in the world today so I would like for my art to be something that brings an upbeat  and positive energy to whatever space it occupies.

Uptown Art Urban Flower Art

BHP: Are there any artists out there that you particularly love (past or present)?

Candice: I really admire Frank Morrison’s work. His attention to detail is truly impressive…

Goddess Urban Flower Art

BHP: What do you want to portray in your work about natural hair to the public?

Candice: The main message I’d like to convey is that natural hair and natural beauty is something to be revered and respected. It’s a unique and beautiful gift from God and I try to portray at least a fraction of that beauty in my artwork. I remember my Grandfather telling me repeatedly as I was growing up that “a woman’s hair is her glory”… and he always told me that my hair was beautiful so I guess that made an impact and set the tone on how I viewed natural hair.  Hopefully I can impart to young girls who may see my work, that same positive message that my Grandfather imparted in me.

coffee and a prayer urban flower art

BHP: What sparked your interest in natural hair art? 

Candice: I’ve always been a portrait painter so when the natural hair movement gained popularity again it was really exciting for me to incorporate afros and curls into the mix of my work.

Ballerina Art Urban Flower Art

BHP: Do you have any natural hair guru favorites?

Candice: I’ve followed Taren Guy and Mae aka the Natural Chica on YouTube for several years. But I learned early on not to get caught up in following product advice because what works for one doesn’t work for all.

Ballerina Girl Urban Flower Art


BHP:  What are your future plans in your art career?

Candice: Of course, just like any artist, I want to continue to grow my fan base and produce quality artwork… And I would love to mentor and teach children to paint… Right now, I’m actually working with a great group of artistic kids at Crosstown Arts in Memphis this month. Being able to guide and foster a child in their love for art is an amazing gift.

Paris urban flower art

BHP: What is your favorite quote?

Candice: It’s hard to pick one favorite quote but this one has always resonated with me… “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” -S. Johnson

Thank you, Candice for taking the time to chat with us at BHP! It was such a delight to not only have you share your artistic journey with us, but to marvel at your talents and skill in the world of natural hair art. BHP sees a bright future ahead for you!

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