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Virgin Hair business for under $500?

Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair business for under $500?

Seriously?  I Can Start a Lucrative Business for Less Than $500?!?!?


That is the very question I asked myself when I came across this opportunity.  I have a free, entrepreneurial spirit that is always seeking new ways to increase my income with minimal expense.  It was not news to me that the weave industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry that is only gaining more momentum with time.  I wanted to get in on this, but I did not know what it would take to enter into this arena of business.


After much research, I found video on YouTube titled,

by Melinda Caldwell.  The video ran roughly sixteen minutes but in those few minutes I was able to make a sound and conscious decision to join Luxury Hair Direct.  To follow are the details of this video that converted me from skeptic to new-found business owner.

Initial Investment

Caldwell was very detailed, concise, and clear about the initial investment into LHD. You can join at one of three levels:

Affiliate ($19.95)

Associate ($199.95)

Manager ($299.95)

Minimal Startup Expenses

Initial Expenses

  • Business Cards provided by Luxury Hair Direct ($15 – including shipping)
  • Domain Name ($10)
  • Branding Banner ($10 via Fiverr)

Monthly Expenses

  • Website Maintenance ($14.95)
  • Viral Blog ($25)


Like most, I assume, I was really tempted to immediately join at the Affiliate Level until I learned the details of the benefits of the remaining two levels.  This lead me to line up the profitability of each level and determine that for less than $500 and a little elbow grease, I could be making some pretty good money in no time.  I was both intrigued and impressed by the transparency and the disclosure of all of the expenses that one will encounter when starting a business such as this.  For an initial investment (starting at the Manager Level) of approximately $375, and monthly expenses that run around $40, I just couldn’t pass it up.


To conclude, there really are opportunities to start profitable companies for less than $500.  Luckily, I have found just that and now that you have read this, you can too!

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